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Probiotic ADP-1
GenMont functional probiotic ADP-1 which is isolated from among 300 strains is the most efficient for protecting from oral dental plaque. ADP-1 is considered as safe gram negative bacteria and consistent with GRAS.

As proven by efficacy test, GenMont ADP-1 can inhibit and prevent the growth of periodontal pathogens ADP-1 can effectively inhibit the growth ofperiodontal pathogens Within one hour after using probiotic ADP-1, it can inhibit all types of periodontal pathogens rapidly, and quickly reduce the amount ofperiodontal pathogens by more than 50%; while the bactericidal effect lasts more than 12 hours.

Product Information
●Functional food ingredient
●Food additives: Chewing gums, troches, chewable tablets, mineral water, fruit juice, yogurt drinks
●Oral hygiene products: toothpaste, mouth-wash, oral care strips.. .etc.

●As proven by study conducted by Chung Shan Medical University, it can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in periodontal disease.
●Local bacteria strain is more suitable for people in Taiwan.
●Inhibits the growth of caries-causing Streptococcus and prevents the formation of dental plaque.
●Excellent in inhibiting harmful caries-bacteria, even better than LGG strain from Finland.
●Derived from natural and safe substances, which is without side-effects. No carcinogenic risk.
●Prevents dental diseases, such as caries, periodontal disease.
●Prevents the growth of harmful dental bacteria and maintain a refreshing

Targeted users
●Snack favorer
●Long distance travelers
●People who are fussy about their teeth

USA PATENT : US76666407
TW PATENT : M405271
CN PATENT : ZL 200610145932.0
JP PATENT : JP4705063
EU PATENT : EP1 955702

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