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Probiotic ADP-3
Natural and Safe Anti-bacterial Formulation GenMont functional L actic acid bacteria L actobacillus spp. which were isolated from the healthy human gutshowed antibacterial activities against oral pathogens.

Research-proven results included:Publication: Probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei effecton cariogenic bacterial flora
Clinical Oral Investigations 2010 May 26
●Clinical study conducted in Chang Gung Memorial Hospital showed that the efficacy of the probiotic ADP for reducing caries-associated salivary microbial counts in healthy adults.
● ADPhas been demonstrated to inhibit the growth of many pathogenic microbes such as Streptococcus mutans

As proven by in vitro efficacy test, GenMont ADP can inhibit and prevent the growth of periodontal pathogens
ADP can effectively inhibit the growth of periodontal pathogens After one hour co-culture, probiotic
ADP can inhibit all types of periodontal pathogens rapidly, and quickly reduce the amount of periodontal pathogens by more than 50%; while the bactericidal effect lasts more than 12 hours.
Potential commercial applications:
●Functional food ingredient
●Food additives: chewing gums, troches, chewable tablets,mineral water, fruit juice, yogurt drinks
●Oral hygiene products: toothpaste, mouth-wash, oral care strips..etc.

●As proven by study conducted by Chung Shan Medical University, it can effectively inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in periodontal disease.
●Inhibits the growth of caries-causing Streptococcus and prevents the formation of dental plaque.
●Derived from natural and safe substances, which is without side-effects. No carcinogenic risk.

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