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Lactobacillus reuteri ADR-1
Probiotics ADR-1, the "friendly bacteria" that we found from healthy human gut, is able to alleviate the health problems which are from diabetes.

How Probiotics Help Treat Diabetes
Diabetes is characterized by unusually high blood sugar levels due to insfficiency or absence of insulin (hormone required for glucose utilization in the body) or insulin resistance. If the blood glucose levels are uncontrolled, it might leads to many secondary complications like nephropathy, neuropathy, retinopathy,etc. Diabetics are also prone to infections and stomach upsets.
Probiotics improve gut microflora, boost immunity, promote digestion,increase absorption of nutrients,increase production of biotin in the gut,and change the gut environment acidic which is inhospitable for pathogenic bacteria.

Probiotics Are Good For You
The immune system of most diabetics can be compromise of people life.Diabetes nowadays develop kidney, eyes, brain, nerves and limbs, and heart and blood vessel complications. Probiotics can really help to strengthen immune system.
ADR-1 has the features listed below:
●Promotes immune system
●Suppresses inflammatory
●Improves glucose tolerance
●Reduces insulin resistance
●Adjusts blood glucose levels
●Controls cholesterol, TG, LDL/HDL, GOT, GPT
●Prevents Diabetic complication
●Non-pathogenic gram-positive bacillus conforming to GRAS standards

Amimal model study


Potential commercial applications:
●Maintaining blood glucose health: capsules, sachet, tablet
●Increase the added-value of the original product:
Probiotic ADR-1 can be added into fermentation products,dietary supplement, and milk (fresh/powder) and snacks to enhance the nutrition values

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